Our History

Stratega BDS (Business Development Services) was founded in 2002 by Nathalie Cely and Jose Mantilla, professionals with solid experience in the areas of business development, financial structuring, competitiveness and financing of private projects. STRATEGA BDS was born with the aim of supporting innovative companies to grow and export through consulting and strategic intelligence as well as providing business development services. Similarly, Stratega has helped to form a competitive business climate through the generation of competitiveness policies and development of productive chains.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Boost growth and success of leading and innovative companies, likewise support the creation of a business environment that stimulates innovation and competitiveness through our commitment to be the most innovative organization in providing consulting, strategic intelligence and business development services.

Develop innovative solutions to enhance the generation of sustainable economic value, growth and internationalization of innovative companies and leading organizations that contribute to improving the competitiveness of Ecuador.

Our Objectives

  • Creating sustainable economic value through high-impact solutions that enable the generation of value cycles, innovation and sustainable growth.
  • Creation of skills and competencies to mobilize organizations to continued success and development of not only strategies but unique business philosophies.
  • To become allies and partners of companies in their innovation efforts and transformation of their business, as well as contributions to building a more prosperous society.
  • Succeeding together with passion and trust

Industries Served

Stratega BDS over the past 10 years has worked on projects of public policies, local and enterprise development in the agro-export and logistics and government, tourism, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, technology, infrastructure industries.


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