Stratega offers a set of solutions, tools and methods to help companies to "innovate to scale" -and continually drive greater productivity through gestation of new products, services, processes and business models.


We will support our customers by promoting creativity and rigorous analysis, helping them transform their results into innovation, focusing on four areas for innovation to scale: benchmarking, flow of ideas and products, skills and transfer and technological adoption.

Thinking about organizations and their future STRATEGA offers their solution B.SMART focused on businesses to work in:


 • Management models for knowledge and innovation

 • Value Chain Transformation in Value Cycles

 • Sectorial and product benchmarking

 • Development of ideas for new businesses, products or services

 • Training platforms for innovation


 For whom?

For innovative and entrepreneurial companies with new ideas, products or processes. For organizations that want to improve their current levels of productivity or begin internationalization processes.



The world is facing increasingly dynamic and competitive scenarios with increasingly educated and connected citizens who demand customized products and services to your needs. These new trends, demand organizations that can react immediately and can evolve their products and services and customize at unexpected speeds. The competitive advantages are increasingly difficult to maintain with traditional strategies therefore organizations must have tools, platforms, and expertise to discover trends, adopt new technologies and redesign products and services.


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