Vision for action:

We help companies identify, develop and implement winning strategies, providing tools and support for capacity building in all stages of the strategic cycle. We have experience and proven methodology in the following tools:



• Business Strategies

• Strategies and Export Plans

• Financial structuring, mergers and acquisitions

• Strategies to Compete and meet regulatory framework



For whom?

Company and unions


Companies and organizations need to have a clear vision and philosophy that guides the generation of innovative products and services that can generate real economic value to society, and loyalty from consumers. This also requires to have adequate internalization strategies to find niches to maximize the value of products and services.


Finally, when companies enter a maturation process, it is always important to have an assessment of the organization, the industry and growth prospects.

Success Case

John Nevado, General Manager of NEVADO ROSES


The results have been fantastic. Stratega has helped us get into businesses or not to get into businesses. It is company with people who devote themselves to the project. They have dedicated one hundred percent to the projects we have commissioned them. Stratega has been a key support in these 17 years we've been in Ecuador and without them we would not have gotten where we are.


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