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The management and technical team of Stratega share a deep commitment to building a prosperous and united Ecuador with opportunities for all its citizens to create and grow.


To contribute to this construction, in 2006 Fundación Stratega was created, an organization dedicated to generating synergies to promote productive development policies and economic inclusion.

Recently, together with a group of national business leaders, members of the academia and the civil society, we have launched the Center for Competitiveness and Innovation (CCI ) , with a view to contributing to the construction of a competitive Ecuador, innovative and with effective opportunities for everyone, coming from state of the art Knowledge Generation, innovative solutions and public-private work. To get more information about CCI and its solutions visit the website:

Social Solutions

Both foundations, Edúcate ( ) and Stratega , aware of the importance of young Ecuadorians having with skills and competencies that allow them to successfully break into the labor market, designed in 2006 the program and the APCI platform Productive youth, with the aim of allowing young Ecuadoreans to learn job skills that could then be implemented in structured internships that in turn will open up opportunities for permanent employment. The model of blended learning was applied. It is a formal education program through which a student learns at least some content and instruction through digital and online media with some element of student control applied to, time, place, route, or rhythm.

APCI Productive Youth Platform was designed to train young people at their own pace and time, job skills for the tourism sector (reception, waiter, maid, etc.) and trade (sales) sector. Both foundations hope to continue increasing the content of other high-demand skills and employment potential.


The Edúcate foundation, through this platform, and under the umbrella of the program of Productive Youth , financed by international cooperation IDB (ATN / SF - 10134 -EC) and other donors, has managed since 2006 to train over 2,000 young people , of which over 60% have found permanent work.

APCI Productive Youth
APCI , Learning Platform Complemented and Interconnected

Stratega Foundation collaborated with Foundation Edúcate , an organization that was founded by Nathalie Cely S. in 2003 to improve the quality of education, to collaboratively design and implement a platform of complementary and interconnected personalized learning (APCI ) that allow children and young Ecuadorians to customize learning math and language in order to improve learning levels .



From an initial assessment the areas of knowledge required strengthening is determined, and the platform provides in a personalized way academic content and exercises that allow children and youth to practice, as well as a final evaluation that provides information about what learned.



The platform has an administrative management system that allows teachers at each school to track the academic progress of each student who uses the system. The project has been implemented in more than 500 public and popular private schools in the country and an independent experimental IDB evaluation revealed that the project's impact on student learning in mathematics controlling for other factors is very significant.


The assessment entitled " Impact of Information Technology on Students: Evidence from a randomized trial in Ecuador trial " conducted Carrillo , Onofa and Ponce (2010 ) concludes that : "We think the delicate combination of hardware ( providing computers and a computer lab ) , software ( APCI Platform ) and teacher training make this program a success story . Provision of hardware without software or untrained teachers cannot give the same positive results .Therefore, one must be careful to consider these points when generalizing our findings."



To download IDB evaluation go to the following link :


To learn more about the platform APCI can download a demo at the following address :



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