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Stratega has made more than 100 export plans for the Ecuadorian agro-export sector, as well as a number of sectorial analysis for shrimp, banana and cacao, sub – Industries, among others. Our last sectorial analysis of opportunities in the field of bio can be downloaded at: (slideshare o dropbox)


Stratega has recognized the need for the country to have a strong service sector that contributes to the growth of added value in production. For this it has encouraged the increase in productivity of knowledge-intensive services. We have worked with more than 10 companies developing strategies for growth and internationalization. Within the services sector, one of the subsectors in which we have worked extensively is the Software and Technology.


Technology and Software


Through our solutions and b.trend b.strategy we have been able to contribute to the development of the sector and its internationalization. Among the works carried out they include:


 • Market research in software and hardware

 • Internationalization strategy for software industry


Stratega has supported the growth of more than 20 companies in the tourism sector and has conducted sectorial and public policy studies like:


  • A strategy design for medical tourism or health.
  • A strategy design for attracting investment for the real estate sector with a focus on the retired migrants and temporary foreign retirees sector.
  • A scheme design to facilitate public sector officials to access tourist packages within the country using their rights of financial advances and loans
  • Guideline recommendations of tourist development policy of Ecuador
Investigaciones Internacionales en Política de Desarrollo Productivo

Stratega ha participado y ganando en varios concursos internacionales de instituciones académicas de investigación del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) y  Banco Mundial, contribuyendo al estado del arte de políticas de desarrollo productivo.  A continuación algunos de los estudios que pueden ser descargados en los siguientes enlaces.


  • Building Institutional Capabilitities for Productive Development Policies, 2014,




  • Information Technology and Student’s Achievement: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Ecuador, 2010 en:




  • The discovery of New Products in Ecuador, Cely & Hernandez et al, IDB WORKING PAPER SERIES No. IDB-WP-165, 2009 en:




  • The emergence of new succesfull export activities in Latin America &  the Caribbean, 2006,


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